Friday, 6 January 2012

~:C.C.4.U:~ Some Traditional Bengali Jewellery !


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Take a close lok at Polas..

These type of designs are coming from traditional beautifully crafted which is capable to fill up whole neck area but the only drawback of these necklace is it can be worn only occasionally !

In Bengali culture there is no custom of wearing Mangalsutraa after marriage like other Indian ladies, those who like it personally, wears it but normally Bengali ladies are not bound to wear a mangalsutraa.

This is a Shona badhano Loha, that is, a thin iron bangle wrapped up in Gold. In Bengali culture, ladies have to keep some sort of iron piece touching their body all the time right after their Haldi Ceramony (during marriage). So to Glam up the boring black iron kada, it is wrapped up in Gold and given different shapes like kangan..Modern girls who donot wear sakha-polas, never miss to wear sona badhano loha..

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Well kangan is a thing which is worn by ladies all over the country, but these particular kangan �is crafted in typical Bengali design,�

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This earring is different from any normal earring as the normal one hangs on the pinna of the ear where as this earring named as Kaan earrings covers the whole ear. This design is specially made with a Bengali traditional touch and is worn brides mostly during their marriage..

These are few finger rings purchased from West Bengalas jewelry shop, so they have a typical Bengali touch, can u figure out the difference with any modern jewelry design??

In this article I have included the pictures of those ornaments which according to a typical Bengali design, since different cultures of nation are merging and designs of one state are no longer a subject of copy right of that particular province, many of the above ornaments may not look traditional to you, so plz forgive me for that. I tried my level best to sort out Bengali Traditional Jewelry from my stock for you as much as I could�


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